About Aaron Bull Schaefer

It's a me...Aaron Bull Schaefer-io!

I’m a certifiable renaissance man, gentleman, and scholar. I have been working in the IT field since 2002 and am currently employed as a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Beatport. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Computer & Information Technology (specializing in Network Engineering) from Purdue University, graduating with highest distinction. I am passionate about security, automation, and using technology to make people’s lives better. It’s rumored that I may someday rule the world.

If you’d like to see some of the projects I’ve been involved in, take a gander at my aptly named projects page or my personal code repositories. You can easily find me all over the intertubes, but here are some places to get you started:

Contact Me

MECARD Formatted QR Code

If you’d like to reach me for any reason, send an email to aaron@elasticdog.com. I’m also constantly checking the horizon for smoke signals and carrier pigeons, if that’s your thing. If you’d prefer a more secure means of communication, keep on reading…

My GnuPG Public Key

GNU Privacy Guard (a.k.a. GnuPG or GPG) is F/OSS that allows you to easily sign and encrypt your data following the OpenPGP standard. This enables you to verify people’s identities and protect your privacy when communicating online. If you would like to communicate securely with me, you will need to download my public key:

pub   4096R/C31E7946 2013-03-27
      Key fingerprint = 5FC9 160D A643 E0E9 B83A  F4BB 5E34 0427 C31E 7946
      uid                  Aaron Bull Schaefer <aaron@elasticdog.com>

You can import it from any keyserver, or by downloading the ASCII-armored version manually. DO NOT forget to verify the key against the fingerprint listed above to ensure that they are the same. For more information, see The GNU Privacy Handbook.

Note that in March of 2013, I transitioned away from an older DSA key to the stronger RSA key shown above. If you had any dealings with the previous key, please read my transition statement for further details.

About This Site

ElasticDog.com is not a typical blog…rather than taking a snapshot of my ideas on a particular date and leaving the entries to grow stale over time, I’ve chosen to produce a site that is always up-to-date and can evolve right along with rest of the world. The information you read here will always be an accurate reflection of my current ideas on various topics covering technology, standards-based web design, personal finance, photography, programming, unicorns, pirates, whatever. Everything I write is under version control, so you still have the ability to reference historical versions of the articles, if so desired.

I highly encourage participation through email correspondence and writing thought-out responses published via your own chosen platform; but the ability to leave comments here directly has been turned off. If you get in touch and our conversation generates any interesting dialog, there’s a good chance that I’ll add more details to the appropriate article or write something entirely new. We’ll see how this experiment goes!

Retired Articles

It’s inevitable that certain topics will fall out of favor and no longer be pertinent to myself or global citizens at large, so eventually, articles will be tagged as “retired” and de-emphasized site-wide. That way people don’t have to worry about if the information they read here is applicable now, or if it was only applicable three years ago when it was first published. The distinction will be made abundantly clear.


ElasticDog.com is hosted directly on Amazon S3 utilizing their bucket’s static website hosting feature set along with some support from Route53 for handling the special DNS requirements with this setup. The site itself is completely static, but uses a combination of Jekyll with RedCloth to generate the HTML, and Compass with Sass to generate the CSS. The site’s syndication feed is also generated by Jekyll, but ultimately gets distributed via FeedBurner.


Although it wasn’t my first website, I created ElasticDog.com when I began learning about web standards back in 2003. I started off using Movable Type as a blogging engine, and unfortunately neglected to convert all of my entries when I later switched to WordPress. Over the years, I’ve updated the look of this site a number of times…click a banner below to be transported into the past.


ElasticDog.com's Design from 2003


ElasticDog.com's Design from 2004


ElasticDog.com's Design from 2006


ElasticDog.com's Design from 2007


ElasticDog.com's Design from 2008

The 2008 design of ElasticDog.com was not created by me, but was a highly-customized version of “Essay”, a Sandbox theme by Ian Stewart. The idea was that I could ignore the complexities of WordPress theme creation and get back to focusing on writing, but you can see how that went.

Current Design

The current design of ElasticDog.com (completed in October 2010) is another attempt at getting back to basics. I started with the idea of making the site look similar to output from Readability, but went further to enhance its typography, color palette, and structure to better represent the content I write. The design is intentionally minimal, but with close attention paid to the details.