Here are a few projects that I’ve been involved with in one form or another over the years. Click a banner below to see more details…


Arch Linux

Arch Linux Distribution

I was a Trusted User for Arch Linux for almost 4 years (stepping down in Jan 2011 to free up time to work on other projects), meaning I contributed trusted binary packages to their community repository and helped with special projects. I maintained a large number of backup & security utilities, vim plugins, and web development tools. I am still active in the community, providing support on the forums and on IRC.


Factor Programming Language

Factor is “a general purpose, dynamically typed, stack-based programming language” that I have been experimenting with for a while now. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute back a decent amount of code to the project, including new math libraries, editor integration code, and numerous Project Euler solutions using the language. I also wrote a Pygments lexer for Factor, which is responsible for the syntax highlighting you see on this site. I keep up to date with Factor’s mailing list and IRC chatroom, and have begun writing a series of blog posts entitled Beginning Factor to help others learn the language.


WordPress CMS

I’ve used the WordPress blogging engine for a number of years and have written various plugins that have been downloaded tens of thousands of times. I still, on occasion, write about the technical side of WordPress on this site and continually contribute to the community in some capacity.

Design & Development

Becky and Aaron

Becky and Aaron's Wedding Website

A website housing details about our engagement and wedding —


LightPress Website Design Comp

A logo and website design comp created for the now-defunct open source project LightPress.

Matrix Communications, Inc.

Matrix Communications, Inc. Logo Redesign

A logo designed for Matrix Communications, Inc., a business telecommunications services company —

Purdue University Service Learning

Purdue University Service Learning Website

A website designed for Purdue University professors involved in service learning projects. The original back-end for this site was developed by myself and a team of students using ASP.NET.


Rubidium Application Web Site

An open source time-tracking application written in Ruby on Rails by myself and a couple of friends. Sadly, it was never completed, but I’ve posted an old screenshot of Rubidium’s interface demonstrating user management.


WhamFan Web Site

An amazing website to go along with an amazing email address…yes, I created WHAMFAN! as a joke —